Scouts are both boys and girls aged between 10 and 14, we meet weekly during term time and camp at least twice a year.

During the weekly meetings we aim to spend as much time as possible outside in our grounds. The aim is to teach them self reliance and independence whilst also how to work in a team. This is done through activities such as pioneering, orienteering, cooking, team challenges, hiking (one of the highlights for the older scouts is a night hike through a local forest) and camping.

We try and Camp at least twice a year, once with the district where over 100 scouts camp together, a great opportunity to meet other scouts and make new friends. Our other main camp is in the summer holidays where we go away for a week and are joined by the cubs for a few days. This is a great camp for the leaders and scouts to get to know each other better and for the scouts to begin to learn how to fend for themselves whilst under supervision, and also to have a lot of fun trying out new activities and skills.