There has been scouting facilities on Cemetery Path for over 60 years. The present hut was built by the 3rd Felixstowe Scout Group back in the 1950’s with a grant from the King George fund and the help of the local community. It has served everybody that has used it well over the time. 

In 1970 the 3rd and 4th Felixstowe groups joined to become the 7th Felixstowe Scout Group. The group scarf of maroon with a yellow border was a combination of the 2 previous group colours.

The group is proud to have helped to develop many generations of the town’s children in the ways of scouting since 1970 and to have served the community in any way that it can.

We are the only group in Felixstowe that has its own outdoor grass space which is used as much as possible, particularly in the summer. The space is used by our members to learn the skills they will need when they are away camping. For example safe use of knife, axe and saw, building small fires, tent pitching be it a lightweight tent or a canvas patrol tent. We also hold campfire evenings for the group, we often open these to the other local groups in Felixstowe.

The group offers a variety of camps throughout the year. These camps offer activities onsite which are not available in Felixstowe. They include climbing, canoeing, raft building, pedal cars and high ropes. Attending these camps gives an opportunity to meet other scouts both from this country and abroad.