On the first Sunday in May the old car rally leaves Ipswich and arrives along the Felixstowe seafront about midday. Hopefully it will be a bright sunny day and people will flock in their hundreds possibly thousands to view the cars made spick and span for the day.

This is where we come in, having got up early to set up a large marquee being very visible ready to offer a much needed service.


Clearing rubbish, helping old ladies across the road?? No! that is not our job today we are here to provide much needed sustenance in the shape of hot dogs, tea, coffee and an abundance of homemade cakes made by parents and leaders.

A concentrated hard days’ work, but great team spirit and making our presence highly visible in the community . This is also a very good fundraising event for us if the weather is good.

So if this sort of thing is your cup of tea (excuse the pun) please don’t hesitate to let us know and you will be made very welcome.