The 7th Felixstowe has a long history and its roots stretch back to the early 1950's. The current 7th Felixstowe Scout Group was formed in 1970 when the 3rd Felixstowe and 4th Felixstowe Scout groups merged. The scarf of the 7th Felixstowe combines the scarf colours of the 3rd and 4th - maroon with a yellow border.

4th Felixstowe (Trinity) Scout Group was formed in February 1959 with the Rev. Bernard Sewell as the Group Scout Leader and John White the Scoutmaster.

The 4th was a sponsored group under the control of the Methodist Church which is why the Scout Leader was a minister. The Rev. Harry Breakspear took over the group in 1966.

The 3rd Felixstowe Scout Group started off as the 2nd Felixstowe Scout Group meeting at St. John's Church Hall. The 2nd split in 1952 which created the 3rd Felixstowe Scouts with John Doherty as the Scout Leader. The group moved into its own Scout Hut on Cemetery Path off Mill Lane in 1953. It was in this year that Felixstowe experienced the tragic flood on the night of 31st January where 39 people lost their lives. The 3rd Scouts helped with flood relief that year.

In 1970 the 4th and the 3rd merged to form the 7th.